September 18, 2020

Tech Talk Editor George Milner has compiled a summary of this week's tech and cybersecurity news:

  • Banking and AI
  • Pandemic fraud prevention
  • Fighting payments fraud in the cloud
  • Exploiting Unpatched Microsoft Bugs
  • Fintech and augmented reality
  • Safety in the cloud
  • 5 steps to ransomware recovery
  • A cashless world is coming
  • Fraudsters capitalize on Covid
  • Spam, Scams & Breaches
  • Updates, Patches & Alerts
  • and on the lighter side...
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Banking and AI
Banks must urgently deploy technology that can support greater automation and efficiency and improve productivity. They are required to rapidly scale up operations whilst developing new digital products and processes in highly compressed timeframes. This is where AI comes in. Get the details at: Tech Talk.

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Pandemic fraud prevention
Overall, through vigilance and education of high-risk employees and heavily integrated business partners, enterprise security teams can use lessons learned from previous crises to navigate the pandemic with minimal disruption, ultimately mitigating security and fraud risks within an organization. Get the details at: Tech Talk.

Fighting payments fraud in the cloud
A discussion of payment trends and strategies for leveraging machine learning, data lakes, and analytics to help FIs provide a frictionless customer experience, while also preventing illegitimate transactions and protecting consumers—as well as their own bottom line. Get the details at: Tech Talk.

Exploiting Unpatched Microsoft Bugs
At the bottom of this briefing, you will see a large number of threats this week. Adding to that, the U.S. government is warning that Chinese threat actors have successfully compromised several government and private sector entities in recent months, by exploiting vulnerabilities in F5 BIG-IP devices, Citrix and Pulse Secure VPNs and Microsoft Exchange servers. Get the details at: Tech Talk.

Fintech and augmented reality
All in all, the augmented reality (AR) with the addition of virtual reality (VR) can actually enhance a good number of experiences that will aid future fintech development. It can optimize processes, let designers draw up sketches right in front of you via virtual meetings, enhance data analysis tools, data visualization, and much more. Get the details at: Tech Talk.

Safety in the cloud
Cloud services providers — at least the big ones — have made significant security improvements in recent years and are more resistant to data breaches than large enterprise organizations. Get the details at: Tech Talk.

5 steps to ransomware recovery
While there is a lot of discussion about preventing ransomware from affecting your business, the best practices for recovering from an attack are a little harder to pin down. Get the details at: Tech Talk.

A cashless world is coming
COVID-19 has seen consumers across the world ditch cash and in-person shopping in favor of online spending, according to Standard Chartered’s latest global survey. Get the details at: Tech Talk.

Fraudsters capitalize on Covid
Impersonation scams in the UK increased by 84% in 2020 as fraudsters sought to exploit confusion around the COVID-19 pandemic. A favorite tactic was to impersonate a trusted financial institution. Keep alert for this type of fraud. Get the details at: Tech Talk.

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Visa and Reg E
Error Resolution

October 13, 2020

VISA chargeback procedures outline what is required of the card issuer, merchant, and cardholder should a dispute arise between a cardholder and a merchant, or if a card is used fraudulently. In addition to those rules, Regulation E may also apply in some cases to those disputes, and its provisions often differ from VISA's chargeback procedures. In this fast-paced webinar we will compare and contrast VISA Operating Rules with Regulation E investigation and liability requirements.

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On the lighter side...

The customer is always right. Well...everybody needs to vent and most people like a funny story. This website has a collection of anonymized banking stories, many from the perspective of the customer service department.

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