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Guide to the SBA Paycheck Protection Program
Applications for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) are being accepted now. However, the details of the PPP are still evolving (the rate doubled in the last few days). The available PPP funds are going fast, although there are signs that Congress may approve more funds. This webinar program provides all of the critical details for financial institutions that want to jump start a PPP loan program for their borrowers.
On Demand
Alert! COVID-19 Affects IRAs in 2020
During this one-hour webinar we will look at the changes brought to IRAs and HSAs in the CARES Act. Second, we will examine the new IRA/HSA tax filing deadlines in the IRS Notice 2020-18. And Third we will look at the continued difficulties with the SECURE Act on inherited IRAs.
On demand
COVID-19 Means Increased Risk for Banks
From counterfeit Stimulus check scams to new ransomware and viruses hidden in popular educational websites, fraudsters are everywhere, hitting our unsuspecting customers with devastating consequences. This course covers the hot issues from both the fraud and cyber worlds, arming banks with real examples, resources, and tips for helping our customers during these tremulous times. We will also examine investigation strategies and proper return or chargeback procedures as appropriate.
LIVE - May 12, 2020
Safe Deposit Access in a COVID-19 Closed Branch
Financial institutions are dealing with unprecedented and uncertain times and are now trying to assist all of their current box renters. Consumers are asking many questions and nationwide clients are now requesting assistance and support to comply with these unique branch closing requirements.
LIVE - May 27, 2020
Alternatives to Layoffs during COVID-19
90 MINUTE UPDATE - (Program Rescheduled from May date)

On April 1, 2020, the U.S. Department of Labor issued a temporary rule implementing the FFCRA's paid leave requirements. This webinar will do much more than simply acquaint you with the highlights of the FFCRA; it will also present you with ideas, options and alternatives for avoiding outright terminations and will do so specifically in the context of banking and banking jobs.
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