Monday, March 4, 2024

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Generating Income from AML Compliance

Awarded with 10 patents, this next-generation Artificial Intelligence solution has tremendously raised the AML standard by tracking illicit proceeds to recover financial losses and identifying money launderers, terrorists and financial criminals in advance.

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OCC releases CRA evaluations for 31 banks
The OCC has released a list of Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) performance evaluations that became public in February. Of the 31 evaluations made public this month, one (in Kentland, Indiana) is rated needs to improve, 24 are rated satisfactory, and the following six are rated outstanding:
  • Commercial Banking Company, Valdosta, GA
  • The First National Bank of Monterey, Monterey, IN
  • F&M Community Bank, N.A., Preston, MN
  • The First National Bank of Nevada, Missouri, Nevada, MO
  • The Conway National Bank, Conway, SC
  • First National Bank Texas, Killeen, TX
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HUD charges Georgia landlords with housing discrimination
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has announced it is charging PadSplit, Inc., a property management company, Kevin Lee Forrestal and Lydia Forrestal, the property owners, in Decatur, Georgia, with discrimination against a tenant because of her disability. HUD's Charge of Discrimination alleges that respondents failed to grant a reasonable accommodation when a hearing-impaired complainant requested to have a service animal to assist with her disability.

HUD's Charge of Discrimination alleges that the property's management company and its employees, and the condominium unit's owners, prohibited a hearing-impaired resident from using a service animal in their unit, and refused to install a visual doorbell and smoke detector, preventing her full use of her unit. Ultimately, their actions resulted in the resident's decision to move out of the unit.

OFAC issues regulatory amendments and Venezuela-related FAQs
OFAC has announced it is amending the Darfur Sanctions Regulations. The newly updated “Sudan Stabilization Sanctions Regulations,” still found at 31 CFR part 546, implement Executive Order 14098 of May 4, 2023, as well as additional administrative updates.

In addition, OFAC is publishing a final rule to update terms across several sanctions programs' regulations, to reflect current office names and email addresses, as well as to update grammatical terminology.

These regulatory amendments are currently available for public inspection with the Office of the Federal Register and will take effect upon publication in the Federal Register on March 5, 2024.

In addition, OFAC has published Frequently Asked Question 1167, updated FAQs 1137 and 1141, and deleted FAQs 1142, 1143, and 1144, to accompany the recently amended Venezuela General License 45B.

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