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Being a banker today is more complicated than ever. In addition to your "regular job," you may find yourself acting as Security Director, Human Relations expert, BSA Officer, Operations Officer, and even Branch Manager or Lending Officer! You more than likely also do part of the required training every year.

Bankers' Hotline has been helping bank officers like you for over thirty years. We stay on top of the changes in banking regulations and laws and keep you up-to-date on the latest requirements. We've written over 100 training pages for our subscribers to use, and we've provided articles for them to print in their newsletters. All of these services are provided at no additional cost to our subscribers.

And there's a lot more that comes with your membership, including:

Timely Topics

We have articles and Q&As addressing a wide range of security and operations issues – from ATMs to agency rulings and from FinCEN to fraud to fintech. We've got it covered so you can stay up to date.

Ask the Editor

The subscription includes direct access to the editor. You can email us with your questions – and we answer them. Some of your questions may even show up on the Question-and-Answer page, anonymized, of course. That way, you get your answer in print to show to any doubters.

Focused Topics, Statistics, and War Stories

In addition to articles and Q&As, we'll focus on topics like fraud and new technology, provide statistics that you can use in training, and war stories that will help illustrate an issue or provide a little extra emphasis when you include them in a presentation.

Knowledge sharing

We share success ideas - ideas that work. Other security and operations managers - and even some examiners - have shared their ideas for getting compliance to happen. You can use these ideas directly (or customize them to meet your needs).

Access to back issues

We've been sharing advice for a long time and we have a large archive of articles, training pages, charts, checklists, and Q&As. This treasure trove of information is yours to use and is included in your membership.

Premium Access on BOL

A subscription to Bankers' Hotline is not limited to one person but is extended to the rest of your team. Integrated directly into BankersOnline, additional staff can register and gain access to all the Bankers' Hotline premium content directly through their (free) BOL account.

You wear a lot of hats!
Let us help you (and your team)!

  • The latest compliance issues
  • Training tips and material
  • Robbery response
  • Articles, Q&As, tips and guidance
  • Up-to-the-minute security methods
  • Privacy issues
  • Technology updates
  • Accessible experts for questions

Why become a member

When you subscribe to Bankers' Hotline, you will get be able to take advantage of all the features we have been listing here. But there's more. Your membership in Bankers' Hotline is sent to you with the understanding that you'll want to share the information with other team members at your location. We encourage you to do so. While other information services warn you not to duplicate their pages or articles without special permission, we urge you to photocopy and distribute them in-house (just give us credit). That way you know all of your staff will get the important information they need to know. It will make your job easier and (Hallelujah!) will save you some more time!

Our mission and promise

Keeping Current

To keep front line, security, and operations personnel up-to-date on industry trends, regulatory and compliance issues and industry related techniques.

Staying Positive

To assist administrators in maintaining high morale.

Saving Time

To provide a timely, reliable information source for the banker who does not have access to all pertinent banking publications, nor the time to read and evaluate them.

Creating a Conversation

To supply a sounding board for the purpose of sharing information and creating communication between all parts of the financial industry.

Communicating clearly & Sharing Information

To assemble all of the above in a readable, understandable, usable format that can be distributed in-house by each subscriber.

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Jim Beveridge

About The Editor

Jim Beveridge is the editor of Bankers' Hotline and a Regional Vice President with Allied Universal Security Systems and Services. Prior to his current assignment, Jim had a very successful career in bank security, serving as the Senior Vice President in charge of Security at J.P. Morgan Chase (2004-2006), and Chief Security Officer for Bank One in Chicago (1996-2004). Following his bank security career, Jim owned and managed several very successful businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth TX area.

Jim holds a Master's degree from St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, PA, and a BA from Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA. A recognized expert in Bank Security, Jim has lectured nationwide, and he has been published in numerous trade journals throughout his career.