Banker Briefing for the Week of January 16, 2022

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There are three outdated beliefs about balance sheet account reconciliations that may be driving low management expectations on quality, productivity and cost. There is one step executives can take to improve quality of the entire close process.
— SkyStem

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The following articles are featured in the Operations Section:
  • Initial vs. Ongoing Trailing Documents
  • Reg E Trumps Vendor Agreements
  • 10 Years to pay out IRA
  • Mobile deposits and Reg CC
  • Return Mail w/Bad Address/No Forwarding Orders
  • State Specific Retention Schedules for Branches
  • CFPB work on overdraft programs

The following articles are featured in the Security Section:
  • Is "Bait Money" required by regulation?
  • Effectiveness of security guards

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The following articles are featured in the Technology Section:
  • Speeding Up Month-End Close

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