Banker Briefing for the Week of April 15, 2019

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The following articles are featured in the Operations Section:
  • Misleading Collection Scripts Cost Financial Institution $28.5 Million
  • Reputation risk and BSA compliance failures.
  • Handling Benefit Payment Reclamations
  • Liability for overdraft in a joint account
  • Consumer Demonstrating Consent on Mobile
  • Do you have to provide collateral for bankruptcy accounts?
  • Does Your Bank's Mobile App Invite ADA Lawsuits?
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Data governance is a framework that is applied to the way employees find, access, and use data. Good data governance can be used to protect information privacy, lower compliance risk, and make aggregation and reporting quicker and easier to complete. Watch ACA Telavance's COMPLIMENTARY WEBCAST to learn how you can improve your organization's data governance framework.

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The following articles are featured in the Technology Section:
  • E-communication retention

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